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We are a network of artists based in Santa Cruz and reaching the world through art, apparel, and design. The Made Fresh Crew is a community built on creativity intended as a way to help and support one another with our art and to maximize our impact. We use our arts and community as a way to progressively help causes like art education, environmentalism, community building projects, and community engagement. See some of our projects and causes below. 

Our Projects

Mission St. Mural

Patagonia Art Show

Days Market

The Clothing

The crew started designing and manufacturing clothing back in 2009 as another way to spread awareness about our work and have a new medium for artistic expression. 

Funky Monkey T-Shirt
$ 27.99
Mal Pais T-Shirt Black
$ 27.99
Pile Island T-Shirt
$ 27.99

The Crew

Taylor Reinhold

Santa Cruz CA

Jimbo Phillips

Santa Cruz CA


Santa Cruz CA

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